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>> Current Juggling Club Members and Standings <<


Juggling is the art of keeping a soccer ball up in the air by bouncing it off of your feet, thighs, chest, and head. Soccer juggling will strengthen your overall ball control and game and it's lots of FUN. Juggling is a fundamental soccer skill that is a must in establishing good "touch". You can juggle almost anywhere ... all you need is a ball.



Hold the ball out in front of you, take a deep breath to relax, and then drop the ball down to the laces on your shoes. Try keeping the ball up for 2 or 3 times before catching it again. Do this until you feel comfortable and then start trying to beat your score. It's that simple! (More experienced jugglers should start with the ball on the ground and use their feet to get started.

Two rules:

  1. no hands
  2. no bounces on the ground

Try to remember to stay calm and relaxed when juggling and keep the ball close to you. Also, try to use both feet and different body parts. Change it up!



Gain more confidence on the ball while increasing overall skill. Soccer juggling is the best exercise to develop touch with the soccer ball. When juggling, learning to control the body is very important. Being able to make quick, bodily adjustments with all muscles is developed through juggling. Better balance will enable a soccer player to move to the right, while maintaining balance to shoot the ball to the left, etc. With good juggling skills, players will make better passes, beat defenders more easily, and be able to hold the ball against defensive pressure, because of better touch on the ball.



All juggles must be done in front of your Coach. Your coach will report your juggling score and your name will be listed on our website!



Level Number of Consecutive Juggles
1 5
2 10
3 20
4 50
5 100
6 150
7 200
8 250
9 300
10 400


Juggling Club Members

(Updated 11/1/2014)

U11  ♦  U12  ♦  U14  ♦  U16  ♦  U18 Girls  ♦  U18 Boys

Last Name First Name # of Juggles Level
Mirashemi Max 23 3
 Olea Danny 19 2
Linder Isabel 11 2
 Munguia Bryan 10 2
 Tuchscherer Chase 10 2
Peikert Joey 10 2
Chisholm Caden 5 1
VandeGutche Juan 5 1
Breitbach Nick 5 1
Rathman Will 5 1


Last Name First Name # of Juggles Level
 Jordan CJ 12 2
 Jordan Moura 12 2
Linder Amelia 10 2
 Cartwright Jake 10 2
 Chisholm Conner 5 1


Last Name First Name # of Juggles Level
Prewitt Gabriel 201 7
Tuchscherer Zeke 175 6
Landsverk Silas 76 4
Piotter David 30 3
Vicchiollo Sam 25 3
Blum Dylan 24 3
Richey Nolan 22 3
Lauer Caleb 17 2
Bonikowske Kaden 12 2
Oberweiser Evan 10 2
Sanderfoot Michael 6 1


U16 Boys
Last Name First Name # of Juggles Level


U18 Girls
Last Name First Name # of Juggles Level
Metten Ella 251 8
Wojahn Jenna 50 4
Ahrens Lexi 20 3
Gutman Sydney 20 3
Hermsen Katelyn 20 3
Otto Sophia 20 3
Petersen Megan 20 3
Sanderfoot Maddie 20 3
Tank Elizabeth 20 3


U18 Boys
Last Name First Name # of Juggles Level