Fox Cities United Soccer Club is a youth soccer organization serving the entire Fox Valley, including New London, Hortonville, Greenville, Appleton, Grand Chute, Neenah, Menasha, Kimberly, Kaukauna, and Little Chute.

2019-2020 Modified Rules        
  U5/6  U8 U11 U13
Level Rec. Rec. Rec. Rec.
Format 3 v 3 no GK 3 v 3 no GK  5 v 5 Inc. GK 9v9 Inc. GK
Field Dimensions (yds.) 20-25 length
 15-25 width
25-35 length
 20-30 width
25-35 length
 20-30 width
Goal Dimensions (ft.) 4 by 6 4 by 6 4 by 6  
Roster size (maximum) 6 (single sided)
8 (single sided)
8 (single sided)
Min. playing time for each player 50% 50% 50% 50%
Required Referee Adult Adult Referee Referee
Center Referee fee -each team pays 1/2 of the fee NA NA NA  
Two Assistant Referee fees -each team pays 1/2 of the fee N/A N/A N/A  
Duration of Game (minutes) 4x6  4X8  2X25 2x30
Offside Not enforced Not enforced Not enforced Enforced
Penalty kicks None None Enforced Enforced
Free kicks Indirect only Indirect Only Standard Standard
Throw In Kick Ins Kick Ins  Kick in or throw in, coaches must agree prior to game start Throw ins
During kick (opponents away in yards) 4 4 8 10
Ball size 3 3 4 5
Field markings No penalty area No penalty area Area Area
Slide tackling Recreational teams may not slide tackle Recreational teams may not slide tackle Recreational teams may not slide tackle No slide tackling
Goal Kick Rule all ages Keepers cannot punt or throw from penality area to penality area.  Someone must touch the ball before it enters the other keepers penalty area.  If no one touches the ball then it results in an indirect free kick at the mid field line.   
Equipment:   All players must wear shinguards.  Shoes can NOT have a front toe cleat ie: baseball, softball or football cleats are prohibited.  Flats are okay for play (tennis shoes, basketball shoes, indoor shoes)