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College Self Survey


                                                            Who Am I?
                        What interests me?
                                                                              How well do I know myself?
          What do I want my college experience to be?


Please ponder the following questions and jot notes as you reflect about yourself.


  1. What 4 adjectives best describes me as a person?
  2. What 4 adjectives best describes me as a student?
  3. What my academic strengths/weaknesses?
  4. What’s in my mind when I think of “going to college?”
  5. What has been my favorite subject? Why?
  6. Thinking about my possible college major, how have I come up with that idea? What lures me to that idea?
  7. How difficult is school for me now? Do I want the same level of rigor? More? Less?
  8. How do I react to challenges? Do they energize me or scare me?
  9. What am I like meeting new people?
  10. If I were to represent myself before an admissions committee, what would I want them to know about me? For example, what personal qualities and other characteristics distinguish me from other students?

Questions about College and YOU – What are you looking for?

  • Climate – does it matter? If so, what do you prefer?
  • Distance from home – does it matter? If so, what would you prefer?
  • Urban/rural/suburban – preference?
  • Small – under 3,000
  • Medium – 3,000 to 10,000
  • Large – 10,000 to 20,000
  • Extra Large – more than 20,000 students
  • No preference?
Admissions Criteria and Difficulty
  • Most selective I can get into
  • Grade Point Average
  •  Test scores – ACT/SAT/Subject tests needed
  • No standardized tests needed for admission
Diversity – How important is a wide mix of students?

Coed vs Single Sex – Do you have a preference?

Religious Connection – Do you have a preference?

Activities – List activities you would hope to fine a campus.

  • Guaranteed dorm space?
  • Required dorm all 4 years?
  • Required dorm at least freshman year?
  • Apartment?
  • Other?

Qualities found in the student body – please identify which are the 5 most important:

Adventurous Aggressive Spirited Down-to-earth Involved
Laid-back Energetic Scholarly Liberal Motivated
Ambitious Athletic Friendly Dress-conscious Spontaneous
Supportive Fun Open Career-oriented Caring
Idealistic Outdoorsy Tolerant Tightly-knit Creative
Independent Artsy Diverse Unconventional Serious
Respectful Understanding Other ____________ __________


Community Service – Options and Expectations?

Cost/ Availability of Financial Aid including Merit Aid – This is a question you and your parents/guardians should discuss from the standpoint of how it will impact your selection. At this time, please don’t discount a school for its apparent cost.

Academic Environment and Offerings
  • Academic Enrollment
  • Very intellectual/scholarly versus a balance between intellectual and social.
  • How ready are you to handle the pressure of a rigorous environment?
  • Majors
  • Double majors.
  • Special programs.
  • Liberal Arts or wide variety – even career/tech courses.
  • Accessibility of teachers – Is it important to be able to meet directly with teachers?
  • Academic and peer advising.
  • Teaching assistants versus only professors.
  • Size of classes – small discussions versus large lecture.
  • Range of courses/professors offered in your field/s.
  • Internships.
  • Other?

What are the 5 most important characteristics of a college for you?

1. ________________________________________________________________
2. ________________________________________________________________
3. ________________________________________________________________
4. ________________________________________________________________
5. ________________________________________________________________