Fox Cities United Soccer Club is a youth soccer organization serving the entire Fox Valley, including New London, Hortonville, Greenville, Appleton, Grand Chute, Neenah, Menasha, Kimberly, Kaukauna, and Little Chute.

Guide for Screening College Websites

Name and Location of School: _____________________________________

Size: __________________


Data on accepted students (Sometimes you can find this in a "Frequently Asked Questions" area. Other times, you are able to see a profile of the most recent freshman class.)
  • Who gets in?
  • Typical GPA or percentile ranking?
  • Test score ranges?
  • Retention rate (How many freshman stay through graduation?)
  • Where do the students come from?
  • What testing is required for admissions? SAT/ACT/Subject Tests?

  • Under “Academics” look for “Majors”.
  • Click on several possible majors you might consider.
  • For each major, click on course requirements.
  • Notice how many very specific courses are required.
  • Notice how many courses are offered in your possible field or various related fields.
  • Notice at what point you must declare a major.
  • Notice if there is an reference to double majors -  if that might interest you.
  • Notice if there are internships in the field.
  • Notice how many professors are in the department you might major in.
Campus Life:

  • What is campus life like?
  • Does the website refer to many extracurricular activities that appeal to you?
  • Notice upcoming events such as guest speakers or rallies or community service – do they sound interesting to you?

  • Does this school fit your preferences?
  • If not, note which preferences do not match.
Other Notes: